Mint $100,000+ in home equity – and save another $100,000+ on projected home and auto energy costs over as little as 10 years.

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Mint $100,000+ in home equity – and save another $100,000+ on projected home and auto energy costs over as little as 10 years.

New Tesla technology, financing programs, and government incentives now make it possible to profit from solar like never before.

Today, Tesla Solar Roof stands alone as the world’s most elegant and complete technology for home energy generation.


Nobody likes the feeling of being out of control.

Especially when it comes to budgeting for energy costs.

Whether it’s OPEC limiting our fuel supply and causing prices to double or utility companies hitting us with 30% rate increases over a two year period – we are often left feeling as if we can’t keep up.

Not too much else in this world escalates at the same rate.

And not too much else escalates with the same degree of certainty.

If we project out for the next 10 years – the average family of four in Orange County is going to spend over $100,000 on electricity and natural gas alone, if historical inflation rates remain constant.

And if that same family doesn’t convert over to electric vehicles, they are going to spend another $45,000+ on fuel costs over that same time.

Absolutely crazy numbers.

You could literally pay for one of your children to attend UCLA for four years, including room and board, for this same amount! 

And this is before accounting for all of the renewable energy mandates in our state that are likely to drive costs up even further.

Energy prices are going to become an increasingly bigger piece of our monthly budget – and for a lot of people these prices will become unbearable.


Enter Tesla Solar Roof.

A complete solution to energy independence.

A solution that enables you to fix the cost of powering your home, your car, and potentially even your business – staving off otherwise unbearable exposure to perpetual utility rate increases and oil price manipulation.

Never before has there been such a comprehensive system that covers both day and night electricity demand . . . and gives you an opportunity to profit when market prices spike for electricity!

Here are just a few of the ways that Tesla Solar Roof differentiates itself from all traditional solar solutions:

So no more panels on your roof, no more constraints on adding enough solar to convert to a fully electric home, no more need to export excess power for less than retail value, and no more wondering what happens in the event of a grid outage. 

Tesla Solar Roof presents a truly complete solution to energy independence.


You read that correctly.

Tesla no longer installs TSR in Southern California.

Instead, they have recruited a handful of select certified partners to perform installations in distinct territories.  Tesla has done this to shorten installation timelines and make TSR more accessible to a wider group of homeowners.

McCormack Roofing & Solar was lucky enough to be selected as one of Tesla’s Certified Partners at the end of 2022 – as our company was brought in to handle installations in Orange County and Los Angeles County.


McCormack has over 30 years of experience at the forefront of the roofing industry.

Several decades ago, McCormack emerged as one of the first contractors to install stone coated steel roofing at scale.  Stone coated steel was (and still is) one of the most energy efficient roofing technologies on the market.

More recently, McCormack transitioned to become a regional leader in solar integrated roofing.  In 2021, McCormack was tapped by GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, to be its product launch partner for Timberline Solar in Orange County and Los Angeles. Then in 2022, McCormack was tapped again, this time by Tesla, to take over installations of TSR in the same markets.

McCormack is designated as a Master Elite Contractor by GAF, a credential given to just 2% of all roofers nationwide. It has also previously achieved a similar designation with Owens Corning.

McCormack has completed over 15,000 roofing and solar installations in Orange County and Los Angeles County and has a deep knowledge of nearly every category of roofing and solar product currently available.


When you invest in a Tesla Solar Roof through McCormack, your benefits actually go beyond what Tesla offers directly. 

At McCormack, we have enhanced Tesla Solar Roof, almost the same way an after-market tuner in the auto industry enhances a high-performance sports car.  We have taken the off-the-shelf model and turbo-charged it!

Here are just a few of the unique benefits you realize when purchasing through McCormack:

Unique OfferingsUnique Benefits
Access to TSR Elite FinancingThis proprietary program can help you cut the cost of a Tesla Solar Roof by 50%!
Access to Teslavida FarmsThis proprietary program can help you turn your Tesla Solar Roof investment into a profit-making enterprise – beyond just selling energy back to your utility.
Access to a Full Product Range for Comparison Unlike buying from a traditional solar contractor, or from Tesla directly (when Tesla was selling directly), McCormack is able to offer a full gamut of products for comparative analysis – from energy saving roofing materials to other building integrated solar options.

McCormack offers tremendous value to its clients because of its ability comparatively model other whole home energy solutions against TSR, present unique TSR financing and purchase structure solutions, and provide access to multiple programs that enhance both the financial benefit and social impact of TSR.


Tesla Solar Roof offers leading edge technical benefits – which are brought to life through McCormack’s expert craftsmanship.

Below are some of the key features and benefits you will receive as a Tesla Solar Roof customer via McCormack.

Technical Features and Benefits

State of the art solar-integrated roof shingles • Improves aesthetics
• Increases solar production capacity (in most cases)
• Enhances property value
Direct to deck mounting hardwareReduces potential for long term leak issues, as there are no penetrations at the rafter beams (a problem with traditional solar)
Lightweight roof tiles (Lighter than concrete tile) Eliminates potential for shifting in your structure due to uneven loads associated with rack mounted solar that may have not been contemplated at the time of building design.
Class A Fire BarrierProtects your roof deck better than any other roofing material available from potential burning embers that could land on your roof in the event of a nearby fire.
Elevated Tile Mounting SystemEnables above deck ventilation to keep home as much as 30% cooler – before even accounting for the benefit of the electricity generated from solar!
Tesla App. IntegrationAssists in optimizing the energy you produce – so you can get the most value out of each kWh, limiting your exports to the grid.
Integrated Home Battery System Secures your home in the event of a power outage and offers a mechanism to shift energy produced during the day to meet your consumption needs at night.
Critical Loads Center Ensures continuous operations for your most essential needs – whether for your family, your business or both.


If you’d like to learn how Tesla Solar Roof’s benefits would apply to you, we would be happy to schedule a free NO OBLIGATION, comprehensive, home energy consultation.

This consultation regularly costs $595. 

We are making this offer as part of a new market awareness campaign that we recently launched with Tesla.

Just for context  . . .

To be able to perform the analysis included in your consultation, we must purchase satellite-generated engineering reports (a cost of up to $100/property), pay for detailed solar modeling reports (a cost of up to $100/property), and allocate as much as 3 hours of expert estimator time in preparation (valued at $100/hour). 

All of this is necessary to give you a comprehensive, unbiassed assessment of the energy production and reduction options available to you . . . and a thorough, comparative analysis of TSR vs. other solar products.

During your consultation our estimator will cover the following topics.

Energy Usage Analysis Review your current and projected energy usage patterns to determine what size of home energy system (including both solar and batteries) will be needed to make you 100% energy independent.
Comparative Solar AnalysisPresent you with a comparative analysis of building-integrated solar (TSR included) vs. wrack mounted solar, taking into account your particular facts and circumstances, including the exact dimensions of your property collected through satellite imagery.
Comparative Roofing Analysis Inform you on available energy-efficient roofing products that may be suitable for your home, given its architecture, the way it’s constructed, and its location. Price ranges for product types, as applicable to your home, can be provided upon request.
Demand Reduction Strategies Offer strategies specifically applicable to your home to reduce electricity demand, regardless of whether you decide to move forward with home energy generation.
Available IncentivesHighlight tax credits, rebates and other incentives specifically available for different types of home energy generation systems. Includes a discussion of the federal ITC, state SGIP incentives, select depreciation benefits, “sustainable coalition” incentives etc.
Net Metering Impact Review current net metering rules, as applicable to you, based on your utility company and usage patterns. This can help you to determine desired system size.
Available Financing ProgramsPresent financing options available for different product types, given your location and objectives. Options can include HELOC and HELOAN products, tax assessment products, home improvement loan products, and lease and PPA products.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase with your consultation.

All of the above is delivered completely free.

You will be able to take the information provided to and use it to chart the best path forward to reduce your energy consumption and mitigate your costs going forward. 

If you take action on the information you receive, you will literally be able to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.


Over the last 30 years, we’ve developed a keen understanding of where customers can get the biggest bang for their buck when performing energy efficiency upgrades.

And now we’re sharing this knowledge through our free 17 Point Energy Conservation Guide.

This will be delivered to you via email, free of charge, just after you sign up for your home energy consultation.

The strategies discussed in this guide can help you reduce your energy consumption by as much as 50% before even investing in a home energy generation system.


One simple answer . . .

You will receive a powerful, customized game plan for energy independence.

Perhaps the most powerful gameplan possible given our depth of knowledge, our available resources, the amount of time we invest in each consultation, and our unique 360 degree view of the industry (encompassing, technology, finance, government incentives, the ITC secondary market, and of course construction).

If you choose to invest just 60 minutes with us, you will walk away with a plan to:

As part of our current market awareness promotion with Tesla — you are going to get all of this – not for the $595 we normally charge – but for $0.

This is literally all of our industry experience and knowledge wrapped up with a big red bow on top . . . all for nothing — no reimbursement of costs, no purchase commitment, no sales presentation that you have to sit through. 

Plus you will get a free 17 point energy conservation guide to help you get started on saving ASAP with some of our most unique, ultra-high ROI strategies.


Of course the information you receive in your consultation will have its own independent value.

But we are confident that the solutions we can provide are so unique, and so powerful that whenever you do decide to move forward you will want to request an estimate from us.

And that’s why we do what we do.


So is there any urgency in getting on this?

Of course, you are leaving money on the table every day that goes by that you have not converted over to energy independence. . . but otherwise, there is really no pressure to take action.

We will be here.

And we will be ready to discuss whatever options are available when the time is right.

But what may be different when we do speak is access to Teslavida Farms.

There will only be a limited number of slots for new TSR customers as Teslavida ambassadors.

And the incentives made available to TSR customers who get invited into the Teslavida program can impact the net cost of a Tesla Solar Roof by as much as 20%-30%. 

(Your estimator will be able to explain why this is in more detail when you have your consultation.)

Ultimately, it’s just important to know that acting sooner than later could enable you to capture a great deal!


If after you have provided us with your most recent energy bill, and we have invested approximately $600 in measurement, engineering and modeling reports, along with several hours estimator time, you do not believe we have delivered any valuable information that will help you make more educated decisions in your journey to energy independence, we will waive our minimum service fee (a $295 value) on your next roofing maintenance or inspection call.

This means that if you didn’t find our consult worthwhile, and you decided to engage another vendor for solar in the future, you could have us come out to do a third-party roofing assessment for FREE!

All you would need to do to claim your free inspection/min. fee waiver is send us an email after your consult saying that you were dissatisfied and explain why.


If you are interested in moving forward with your free, no-obligation consultation, please simply complete the form below.

As refenced above, your consultation will cover:

You’ll be given all of the tools necessary to put together a customized game plan for energy independence!
FREE 17 Point Energy Conservation Guide Included!

P.S. The California Public Utilities Commission estimates that utility rates will outpace inflation by as much as 70% by 2030!  This is largely due to the $30 billion in new transmission capacity that is required to meet renewable energy targets by 2030 and 2045.

Developing a game plan to become energy independent now can eliminate your exposure to massive price increases on the horizon.

Taking advantage of our free consultation will give you the tools to benefit from our state’s transition to renewables — to realize tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings, add as much as 10% to the value of your home, and potentially secure one of the remaining spots in the Teslavida coalition to capture maximum incentives. 

Check out the form above if you’d like to get started!

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