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Why Choose McCormack For Your Commercial Roofing?

McCormack’s innovative commercial roofing systems can improve your building’s the solar reflectivity, improve your building’s insulation for both climate and sound, and -with the addition of solar panels- actually reduce your building’s energy bills.

Commercial Roofing And Energy Systems

There has never been a better time to install a commercial roof system with McCormack, given current federal tax incentives. 

Our installation types include membrane systems (such as FiberTite), foam systems, “built up” systems (also known as tar and gravel), and torch down systems.  All of these different installation types can be bundled with solar and, if desired, financed using a stand-alone secured term loan or a new commercial property loan that ties in your new improvements.

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A Proven Track Record

Commercial Roofing and Energy Systems are our specialty at McCormack Roofing. We have worked on thousand of buildings in Southern California, and we can help with yours too. Call us today for a contractor you can trust.

SPF roofing is a seamless layer of roofing protection that can be applied to nearly any roofing type, including built-up, metal, single-ply, and modified bitumen roofs.

This commercial roofing system consists of a bottom layer of foam that is chemically bonded to the existing roof surface, and one to two layers of elastomeric or silicone roof coatings on top. It’s applied using a spray application, making it easy and fast to complete. The end result is a seamless, leak-free seal of protection that can last for over 20 years with regular maintenance.

Foam roof benefits:

  • Superior thermal resistance for better insulation and lower energy bills
  • Reflective coatings can further reduce energy demand for cooling
  • Can be built up in certain areas for superior drainage (to avoid ponding)
  • Eliminates the seems in your roof that often cause leaks
  • Easy maintenance, as damaged areas can be resprayed and foam can be recovered every 5 to 10 years with silicone or other coatings
  • Can better insulate exterior building sound

Torch-down roofing, also referred to as torch-on roofing, is a type of roofing material commonly applied as commercial roofing to properties with flat roofs. The material itself is made of rubberized asphalt, and it’s become popular thanks to its time-tested durability and affordable price.

Torch Down roof benefits:

Built-up roofs, commonly known as tar and gravel roofs, consist of alternating layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics. Together, these create a finished membrane. The bitumen used includes asphalt, cold-applied adhesive, or coal tar. As for the reinforcing fabric, manufacturers use organic or fiberglass mats. For surfacing, manufacturers use different types of materials: aggregates, fiberglass or mineral surfaced cap sheets, hot asphalt, aluminum coatings, or elastomeric coatings.

Built Up Roof System Benefits:

  • Protection: Multiple layers of bitumen and saturated felts create a water-resistant barrier that ensures protection.
  • Energy efficiency: Special coatings with high reflectivity values help maintain a consistent building temperature.
  • Durability: Components used are high resistance against fire and wind, perfect for a commercial roofing installation.