Tesla Solar Roof Systems

Maximum Aesthetic Appeal with a Roofing System that Produces Electricity

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Tesla Solar Roof System

Modernize your home with the sleek look and energy efficient benefits of a Tesla Solar Roof.  Never before has there been a roof system that so seamlessly incorporates solar technology with an architecturally pleasing design.

A Proven Track Record

Spray Foam roofs can last 50+ years with proper maintenance, making it a great sustainable option for your next project

Here are some of the ways spray foam can be applied:


A Stunning Look

Replace your current roof with a Tesla Solar Roof and power your home with a fully integrated solar system. With a seamless design, each tile looks great up-close or from the street, complementing your home’s architecture.  A Tesla Solar Roof can be combined with new energy efficient exterior paint and windows to completely modernize your home.

Leading-Edge Tech

Installed by a Leading-Edge Contractor

McCormack is one of just a few contractors in Southern California to be approved by Tesla as a certified solar roof partner.  McCormack has been granted this opportunity based on its long, successful history, its specialty licensing, and its position as a leader in residential energy efficiency construction projects.  McCormack’s partnership with Tesla now makes it possible for homeowners to access leading-edge solar technology developed by Tesla without having to worry about a faulty installation.

With the Tesla Solar Roof app, you can monitor your energy production in real time. Control your system from anywhere with instant alerts and remote access.


Reduced Energy Cost

The Tesla Solar Roof is a beautiful power generator sitting atop your home. Made of both “active solar tiles” and “inactive roof tiles” that all look identical, the Tesla Solar Roof gives home owners who want to reduce their energy bills one of the most aesthetically appealing solar energy options.


Built For The Long Term

Tesla Solar Roof tiles are more than 3X stronger than composite shingle tiles and are engineered for all-weather protection. With a 25-year warranty, a Tesla Solar Roof lasts longer than many shingles and protects your home for decades to come.


Monitor and Optimize

With the Tesla Solar Roof app, you can monitor your energy production in real time. Control your system from anywhere with instant alerts and remote access.


Backup Protection

Add a Tesla Powerwall battery system and store the energy you produce with your Tesla Solar Roof, making it available anytime—at night or during an outage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The installation will start somewhere between two weeks and three months from signing the contract. The installation will be finished seven to 21 days from when it started.

A Tesla Solar Roof with a 6KW “active solar tile” component is approximately the same cost as a tile roof with a similarly sized 6KW solar energy system.  The benefit of a Tesla Solar Roof is that you do not have a separate solar system sitting atop your roof—as the “active tiles” produce your solar energy.

Yes.  But like all roofing materials, they can be damaged by extremely heavy loads.

No.  The most energy efficient roofing system would combine Stone Coated Steel with a stand alone solar energy system.  This combination would provide both energy saving benefits from improved insulation (and potential reflectivity) and energy production benefits from the solar energy system.

McCormack’s lending division offers three financing options for a Tesla Solar Roof.  Homeowners can incorporate the Tesla product into a McCormack M2 Modernization loan (which involves a whole home refinance), or finance using other secured and unsecured options. Amortization terms available range from 5 to 30 years.