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Working With McCormack Roofing Can Make Your Renovations Easy

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In House Financing Expertise

McCormack offers some of the most competitive financing solutions in the home improvement industry.   Through our M2 Modernization Financing Program, we can often help homeowners complete their renovation projects without increasing their existing monthly payments. 

Renovation Financing – Residential, Commercial & HOA

McCormack has partnered with several specialized construction and renovation lenders to make available the lowest cost renovation financing in the market. Through our network of lenders, we are able to finance a wide range of residential, commercial and HOA projects. Our financing solutions can often make seemingly impossible projects possible—typically with zero up-front cost beyond an initial deposit.

M2 Home Modernization Refinancing

McCormack’s M2 Home Modernization Financing Program makes it possible for home owners to finance their renovation projects with no monthly payments for the first 6-18 months, and potentially lower monthly mortgage payments thereafter.  Through our in-house lending division, under the M2 program, we can roll in the cost of a home renovation project into your primary mortgage loan.

BENJI & HERO Financing

McCormack offers both Benji and Hero financing.  These programs make it possible to finance renovation projects very quickly with limited hassle.  With BENJI loans, no home equity is required to qualify and amortization terms can extend for as long as 15 years.  HERO loans, on the other hand, are typically focused on home energy efficiency upgrades and offer amortization terms as long as 25 year.

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for financing, please contact the lead estimator on your project.  Your estimator will then coordinate with our in-house lending division to help you determine which program best suits your needs and complete your application materials.

  • For homeowners, any home improvement is eligible as long as it is permanently affixed to the home.
  • For commercial property owners, solar and roofing projects are eligible on a stand-alone basis. Larger renovation projects are eligible through commercial mortgage refinancing.
  • For HOAs, renovation projects typically must be over $500,000 and must involve roofing, siding, painting, windows and doors, general carpentry, and/or energy efficiency upgrades.

No.  We operate an in-house financing division that is able to evaluate each client project without charging any up front fees.

Your first payment will be due 30 days after your project is complete, unless you have chosen a “Special Financing” plan. Special Financing plans do not require any payments for a pre-designated promotional period. If the balance is paid in full before the end of the Special Financing promotional period, all interest will be waived. If the promotional period expires and the balance is not paid in full, the remaining balance, including any accrued interest, will be repaid in monthly payments over the remainder of the term.

No, only contractors registered and in good standing with McCormack’s partner lenders can install products financed by these lenders. Further, McCormack’s M2 Modernization Financing Program is a custom program only available through McCormack.

While it might sound crazy, McCormack can help you improve your home and lower your monthly payments at the same time.  Through our M2 Program, we can often design custom financing solutions that enable homeowners to add value to their property, reduce their energy expenses, and help them qualify to refinance their properties (inclusive of renovation costs) at the most attractive rates in the market.

HERO Financing

The HERO program is a way to pay for home efficiency upgrades, for homeowners with equity.
  • No upfront costs
  • Competitive fixed rates, with terms up to 25 years1
  • Interest may be tax deductible2

1 Maximum term depends on the useful life of the product(s) installed and the location of the property.

2 Please contact your tax advisor to determine if you may be eligible for tax benefits.

BENJI Financing

Unsecured financing for almost any type of home improvement.

  • No upfront costs
  • Competitive fixed rates with multiple term options
  • No home equity needed to qualify