Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Great Energy Efficiency And Cost Savings All While Looking Fabulous

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Make Your House Stand Out

A stone coated steel roof has timeless aesthetic appeal, but can also be customized to fit your surroundings and personal taste to really make your house stand above the rest.

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Enhanced Energy Efficiency With McCormack Stone Coated Steel Roofs

As we all know, hot air always rises. 

And at McCormack, we’ve designed our installation process to take full advantage of this simple principle. 

With our stone coated steel roof systems, we use what’s called an “elevated batten system” to assure that hot air will continually rise in a thin air space just under your shingles, and exit thorough a visually concealed ventilation system at the ridge of your roof.  The net result of this type of installation is a cooler attic and living space within your home.

A Proven Track Record

Stone Coated Steel Roofing is popular with many homeowners and contractors in Southern California, mainly because of its energy efficiency, safety, aesthetics, and durability.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

With the installation of a Stone Coated Steel roof system, the temperature within your home can be reduced by as much as 30%!

In fact, the energy saving potential of the type of Stone Coated Steel Roof systems that McCormack installs has actually been scientifically verified. Between 2009 and 2013, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) conducted a 12-month study on the effects of [traditional asphalt shingles] vs. metal roofs installed with an elevated batten system [using a thin airspace beneath the shingles for airspace]. This study showed that the elevated batten system used by McCormack can reduce heat flow into a building by approx. 30%, which can lead to an increase in year-round energy efficiency by reducing heat gains during the summer and heat losses during the winter. These dramatic results prove that McCormack’s installation method and roofing systems can produce significant energy cost savings. 

Safety in Earthquakes and Fire

A Stone Coated Steel roof system is perhaps the safest roof you can install on your home. 

Weighing in at only 1.5 lbs per square foot, stone coated steel is the lightest roofing material available for sloped roofs.  It can be as much as 10X lighter than traditional Clay Tile or Concrete Tile.  Stone Coated Steel’s light weight allows for less load on your home, and creates much less likelihood of your roof collapsing in a major earthquake.  

Stone Coated Steel is also one of the most fire safe roofing materials.  When properly installed, there is little opportunity for flying embers to get in between roofing tiles (which, conversely remains a problem with concrete and clay tiles).  In many major fires, homes with stone coated steel roofs have been the only homes left standing.  

Aesthetic Benefits

Whatever the style, color or finish of your current roof, McCormack can further enhance the appearance of your home with a Stone Coated Steel roof. Whether you want the look of shingle, clay tile, cedar shake or slate, you can select a coated roof tile that will highlight the design and increase the efficiency of your home. Stone Coated Steel tiles will look beautiful for decades to come and require little to no maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems

Absolutely not. A Stone Coated Steel Roof is often much quieter than even an asphalt shingle roof. Because of our unique installation method that creates a sound and temperature “buffer zone” of dead air space, along with our beautifully functional stone coated surface, even a torrential rain striking the roof panels is no louder than it would be on a heavy wood shake roof.

No. We only use the highest quality steel roof panels, which are made from high quality 26-gauge, pre-primed, galvanized steel coated with an acrylic base coat. Ceramic earth-stone granules are then embedded over this base coat. Finally, a clear acrylic over-glaze is applied and baked on. This provides your home with a long-lasting, durable and fade-resistant protection for a lifetime of enjoyment.

No. Boral Steel roofing panels can and do stand up to hailstones, snow loads and extreme wind conditions without any structural or cosmetic damage. That’s one reason our weatherproof warranties include a 120 m.p.h. Wind Warranty (equal to an F2 tornado!) and 2.5” Hailstone Warranty.

Usually only one to two weeks. The complexity of the building’s roof is the primary factor in determining the time required. Complex roofs require more time than basic designs