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Why Choose McCormack For Your Residential Roofing?

McCormack’s innovative residential roofing systems can improve your home’s solar reflectivity and thermal efficiency—all while enabling you to produce your own power at the same time.

Stone Coated Steel

Perhaps the most optimal residential roofing system, stone coated steel offers a high-quality appearance while reducing building load and cutting heating and cooling energy demand.

Roof System Benefits:

  • Lightest weight option at 1.5 lbs per square foot
  • Low structural load performs best in earthquakes
  • Installed with an elevated batten system for up to 22% reduced heating and cooling costs
  • 60-80 year life expectancy
  • 50-year transferable warranty
  • Stone coating design options: Tile, Shingle, Shake

McCormack is a recognized industry leader in the installation of stone coated steel roofs. Our company is the most recommended metal roofing installer by Boral Steel, Steel Rock, Decra and Metro. 

Concrete Tile. Clay Tile & Slate

When installed properly, with today’s innovative materials, tile and slate roofs can offer some of the best aesthetics with significant energy-saving benefits.

Tile and Slate Residential Roofing System Benefits:

  • High-quality appearance
  • Reduced weigh options at 5-7 lbs per square foot
  • Installed with an elevated batten system for up to 22% reduced heating and cooling costs
  • 25+ year life expectancy
  • 50-year transferable warranty
  • Tile design options: Spanish Tile, Slate, Wood Shingle Look

McCormack has installed thousands of clay tile, concrete tile and slate roofs throughout southern California.  We are recognized by nearly every major roofing materials supplier as a premier contractor for these product types.

Composite Shingles

With today’s solar reflective materials, composite shingle tiles are one of the most economic residential roofing solutions.

Roof system benefits:

  • Made with specially coated particles to better reflect the sun
  • Surface temperatures 50 – 60 degrees lower than traditional roof surfaces
  • Longer life span than traditional asphalt shingles due to reduced thermal stress
  • Low weight options at 2.5-4.5 lbs per square foot
  • Lower energy costs, by as much as 10 – 30% during summer*
  • Federal tax credit available after installation

With thousands of successful composite shingle installations throughout southern California, McCormack is one of the most experienced installers of “cool” roof systems in its region. 

Standing Seam Steel

As the most premium residential roofing solution, standing seam steel offers great aesthetics along with many practical long-term benefits.

Roof system benefits:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Made of 25-95% recycled content and 100% recyclable if replaced
  • Low Maintenance: Coated in zinc-aluminium alloy to resist corrosion
  • Energy Efficient: Factory-applied paint can reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs by 10-25%
  • Low Weight: 1.5 lbs per square foot (10% of the weight of traditional clay or slate tiles)
  • Fire Resistant: Will not ignite in a lightning storm or wildfire
  • Longevity: 50+ year lifespan

McCormack has custom fabricated and installed standing-seam roofs for over 20 years.  Our unique understanding of the product type has enabled us to become one of the few roofing companies in southern California capable of installing solar over standing seam steel.

Tile Resets

Often the most economical way to refresh a tile residential roof, a tile reset will enable you to reuse your existing clay or concrete tiles while installing new underlaminate and repairing any wood that may have been damaged over time. 

Reset process involves:

  • We remove all tiles from your roof
  • We completely remove and replace the underlaminate beneath your tiles
  • We remove and replace any damaged wood on your roof
  • We work with you to improve the functionality and design of vents, fans and skylights
  • We reinstall your cleaned (and potentially recoated) tiles

Reset process benefits:

  • Keeps the look of your existing roof tiles
  • Gives you the option to restore or change the color of your existing tiles
  • Reduces cost relative to installing new materials

McCormack performs tile resets on residential roofing systems throughout Southern California on an almost constant basis.  We are extremely experienced in the process and can often clean and coat a tile roof upon completion to make it look like new again.