Job Installation Homeowners Checklist

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Job Installation Homeowners Checklist

Below is a list of what to expect during your roofing project. If you have any questions, please call.

  1. Pre-site: One of our employees will redraw your roof and double check all measurements. We will order our materials from this drawing. He will knock on your door and if no one is home, he will leave a card.
  2. Approximate Start Date: Our Production Manager will call you the week before your job is to begin in order to schedule the day the job will start. Remember, the start date in your contract is an approximate date.
  3. Roof removal and replacement can be very dusty and you can expect a certain amount of debris around the house during this process. However, we do our best to make it as clean and neat as possible. If possible, keep children and pets inside during the process.
  4. Consolidate and cover any items in the garage and attic which may get dust or debris on them.
  5. Cover anything under skylights which may be affected by dust and/or debris due to the removal and re-installation of the new roof.
  6. In homes with open beam ceilings, extra careshould be taken to cover furniture, rugs, and other items that may get dusty, etc.
  7. You may experience some vibration of your roof and walls from the loading of materials and installation of the new roof. Loose items (china, paintings, collectibles, etc.)should be secured or removed during the job. Chandeliers or lights not mounted on the ceiling should be secured.
  8. Remove vehicles from the garage and driveway. We will need approximately one car space as a designated work area for materials and refuse.
  9. Move pets to a secure environment away from the dust, debris and noise – possibly with friends or neighbors, or if you have a very anxious pet, maybe a Vet can give advice.
  10. Cover and move plants, tables or other items of concern that may be subject to dust and debris around the exterior of the house. For example, pools should be checked daily for debris and nails (we strongly suggest covering your pool while the project is in process). Advise us of anything we may overlook.
  11. Homeowner is responsible for getting Homeowners Association approval. Please fax approval to our office. We must have it so we can pull permits.
  12. With homeowner’s approval, we will be placing a job sign in front yard approximately one week before the job start and picking it up one – to two weeks after job completion.
  13. Any solar panels must be drained, disconnected and capped prior to start of job.
  14. Any satellite dishes are the homeowner’s responsibility to remove, replace or adjust.
  15. Homeowner’s responsibility to check water heater connections and make sure they are connected and okay.
  16. We will be leaving a ladder up for final inspection when job is completed.


If you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after your roofing project, please call us. While the job is in process, call at once so that we may address your concerns immediately. Good communication is necessary throughout the process in order to have a smooth roofing project.

We thank you again for the opportunity to serve you and for your trust in our company.

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