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Orange County Roofing Tips: The Best Maintenance Schedule

Orange County Roofing Tips: The Best Maintenance Schedule


Installing a high-quality roof is the first step to keeping your home protected. But, even if you choose top-notch materials and high-quality installation services, your roof will still require ongoing maintenance and repairs. This maintenance work can improve the durability of your home, helping to reduce the need to pay money for costly repairs or replacements.

Here at McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions, we are one of the leading roofing contractors in Orange County, CA. We have many years of experience in the industry, bringing you some of the best services in Southern California.

Protect the Quality of Your Roof


Even the highest quality roofing materials and installation will eventually fail due to exposure to harsh weather conditions. Sun exposure, the wind, and rain can cause problems with your roof, including:

  • Standing water in crevices and cracks, leading to water damage in the attic or walls of your home
  • Loose shingles or broken parts of the roof
  • Weak seams
  • Accelerated deterioration of the roof as a whole


A regular maintenance plan will repair these issues early on whenever they appear, protecting the overall quality and performance of the roof system. If too much damage is present, you might consider making the investment to replace the entire roof. Whether you are looking for basic maintenance or a full replacement, McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions is here to help! We service all types of roofs, including unique designs that are sloped, flat, or low pitched.

How Often are Maintenance Services Needed?


Your maintenance schedule depends on the age of your roof, the types of materials, and the current condition of your home’s roof. The best thing that you can do is schedule a consultation with our team. We will inspect your roof and make recommendations that are specific to your needs.

In some situations, a one-time maintenance appointment might be enough to make your roof look as good as new. For example, if you have a concrete tile roof that looks dirty, old, or dingy, you need to call our team. It is common for these roofs to have mold and mildew buildup that needs to be cleaned. We can power wash the roof, then apply a custom protective coating product. This coat will seal your tiles and improves the durability of your roof.

Damaged Roof? Call the Professionals!


Have you recently discovered damage to your roof? If so, it is essential that you call the professionals right away! We can help with termite damage, as well as any dry or rotting wood that needs to be replaced. You might consider investing in our prepaid home maintenance plan that covers repairs and maintenance on the outside of your home.

If you are looking for Orange County, CA roofing contractors, you have come to the right place. McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions is here to help! We have a convenient office located at 1260 N Hancock St #108, Anaheim, CA 92807. Or, you can call our team to schedule a time for your free in-home estimate: (714) 777-4040


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