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What You Need To Know About Insurance Claims And Roofing Repairs

What You Need To Know About Insurance Claims And Roofing Repairs


Homeowners insurance can be a lifesaver if you encounter major repairs that need to be done on your home. Whether a natural disaster caused damage or there was an accident, you might be facing expensive renovation costs to restore the quality of your home.

There are many situations when homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of roof damage. So, if you are bringing in a contractor to help with roofing repairs, then you should also talk to your insurance company. You might be able to receive compensation for all or part of the repair costs.

It can be confusing to file an insurance claim, so we want to share a few helpful hints to help you get started:

Professional Inspection for the Initial Claim
When you submit the initial claim, you will need to provide information showing the severity and cause of the damage. In most situations, the insurance company will require an inspection by a professional roofing contractor. You can use this information to file the claim for the insurance company.

After the claim is received, it is common for the insurance company to send an adjuster who will assess the degree of damage. Then, it will be determined if roofing repairs are sufficient or if a new roof needs to be installed. It is a good idea to have a roofing contractor present for this inspection, ensuring that you get the best results from the decisions of the adjuster.

Payment from the Insurance Company
When it is time for the insurance company to pay for the roofing repairs or installation, they will usually send a payment to you instead of the contractor. This amount is known as the Actual Value Cost (AVC), which means that it is the cost of the roofing work minus depreciation for the age of the roof.
There are times when you can arrange full payouts without AVC deductions, but you will likely need to negotiate with the insurance company for this amount. Your roofing contractor might be able to assist with the negotiations and provide the support that you need while working with the insurance company.

Talk to the Experts
If your roof needs to be repaired, then the best thing that you can do is schedule a consultation with a roofing expert. We can make recommendations to help you maximize insurance payouts so that you can minimize the out-of-pocket expenses for the repairs or installation.

Insurance can be a great way to pay for the costs if the damage is covered under the policy. But, you will likely need to navigate through red tape and other rules that are set by the insurance company. So, it can be helpful to have an experienced roofing contractor to answer your questions and offer advice along the way.

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